P9901-4P - SEK Power, Work and Efficiency

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P9901-4P - SEK Power, Work and Efficiency
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Set consisting of:
P3820-1S 1x Hand generator with controller
P3820-1GZ 1x Gear wheel for hand generator (spare)
P3823-MS 1x Hand motor with pulley
P3310-2E 3x Connecting lead, 25 cm, black, SE
P3310-2B 4x Connecting lead, 10 cm, black, SE
P3710-2D 1x MBC Lamp socket E 10, triple
DE309-3C 2x Light bulb, 6 V/0.1 A, E10
C6008-1A 2x Sample box with lid, plastics, 30 ml, 35 x 35 x 33mm
DE309-3E 5x Light bulb, 6 V/0.3 A, E10
DG500-4S 1x Double socket, insulated, black
DG500-4R 1x Double socket, insulated, red
C6008-1B 1x Sample box with lid, plastics, 80 ml, 50 x 50 x 40mm
DE309-3T 2x Light bulb, 6 V/0.5 A, E10
DG200-3S 1x Cord, 150 cm, with loop
DM121-5B 5x Weight on hook 100 g
P2701-1E 1x Heating spiral, SE
P2725-2T 1x Peltier element with 2 plugs
P1130-1C 1x Dynamometer 2 N, transparent
DG270-1A 1x Stickers, removable, pack

P7906-6G 1 Box insert Power and Work and Efficiency
P7806-1K 1 Storage box II small, with lid
Plan for storage of all components + 2 stickers

This makes the following experiments possible:
LAW 01 Electrical energy transmission
LAW 02 Power consumption of lamps
LAW 03 The wattage of lamps
LAW 04 The power of an engine
LAW 05 The parallel connection of loads
LAW 06 Series connection of loads
LAW 07 We build a small electric cooker
LAW 08 We operate a small cooling plate
LAW 09 Heating and cooling via electrical work
LAW 10 We know mechanical work only too well
LAW 11 We perform mechanical work via electrical power
LAW 12 We compare mechanical work with electrical work
LAW 13 A very special electric brake

Additional Information

Additional Information

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